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C3 Global United Kingdom

C3 Global was birthed out of Ed Young and Fellowship Church’s desire to help other churches in their mission to reach people with the message of Jesus. We are a relational network of church leaders from different denominations and streams who gather regularly to share together, support each other and push each other to fulfill the vision God has given us to reach the UK. 

C3 Global is led by our president, Dr. Claude Thomas , along with Andy Frost and Mark Waterfield in the UK. 

Our Belief: We believe a creative culture committed to Christ, and effectively led, will advance the mission of the church.

Why we exist: Our purpose is to create a community of like-minded leaders who effectively advance the mission of the church.

What we do: We are generating a movement committed to developing a Christ-honouring, creative culture that is embraced in churches across the country and around the world.

How we do what we do: We will accomplish this through candid conversations about the issues the church must address and creatively collaborating our ideas, experiences, resources, and expertise at roundtables, in seminars, in conferences, and through personal conversations.

What's on offer?


A roundtable is a one to two hour experience that includes some didactic teaching, some discussion and finally some decisions about what we might do in our own context. With church leaders sat around a table, this is an opportunity to talk about real issues with practical answers.

Claude Thomas, with his vast experience, has recorded 15-20 minute long didactic teaching sessions to set up a conversation on key themes around vision, culture and creativity. The material speaks into churches with 20 people and churches with 2,000 people. 

C3 is a space to pool our resources to maximize our mission. In the UK, C3 leaders have worked collaboratively on sermon series such as ‘What would Jesus say to…’ exploring how Christ would interact with celebrities from todays culture.

Fellowship Church have created an array of resources that are also available to C3 churches – everything from sermon outlines to background visuals. View samples here.


The beauty of C3 is that it brings different traditions together to learn from one another. In the UK we have had almost 100 leaders come to Roundtables from a whole range of denominations, from Methodist to Elim and from Anglican to Pioneer.

C3 also offers international links and some UK church leaders are now twinned with US Pastors. Each year C3 hosts a conference (link) which is an ideal place to connect with other like minded church leaders.

Where is C3 UK?


How can I connect with C3?

We’d first of all recommend that you come and check out a C3 Roundtable. Please check this website or email Andy Frost to find out when one is happening near you!

Once you’ve experienced C3 you may want to set up your own Roundtable or use the material for an existing group of church leaders that meet in your area.