Compassionate Causes – Local and international missions

As the local church, we are the hands and feet of Jesus! We collaborate to take our mission dollars further. When there are domestic disasters, we work with our partners on the ground in the communities affected. Internationally we come together to support orphanages in Haiti and villages in Guatemala.

Haiti and Guatemala

In 2010 a devastating earthquake hit Haiti, leaving the country in ruins and over 750,000 orphans in need.   Since then, C3 Global Churches, in partnership with Hunger Relief International (HRI), have come together to aid the orphans.  We have also expanded to several villages in Guatemala.  Together we have provided millions of meals in Haiti and Guatemala, but we aren’t stopping there!! We want to do more!

Through collaboration with churches, corporations, humanitarian organizations, governmental agencies, and HRI, we will provide nutrition, enhance education, teach sanitation, and bring transformation of life in Haiti and Guatemala. 

Through nutrition lives are enhanced. Simply put, people around the world are dying from hunger and malnutrition. With your help, NEST provides meals for the starving, hungry, and malnourished of our world. By meeting this very basic need, we can lead people from surviving to thriving and open the door to share the gospel of Jesus!

Since we began working in Haiti and Guatemala, millions of meals have been provided thousands of children in orphanages, villages and schools. We work with local farmers in Haiti to provide food security, a dependable and regular source of food, for our adopted orphanages. By working with local farmers, we are investing back into Haiti and the local labor force. This is the preferred food of the children in the orphanages and is superior in nutrition to imported food. While this is not the least expensive route, it is the most complete route to a sustainable and long term plan for Haiti. In addition to providing food security, we have worked with our partners to plant fruit trees in Haiti and organic home gardens in Guatemala.  

Through education, horizons are expanded. Through the educational process, people begin to understand their role in their own future, see the opportunities before them, and take steps to change their future. We enhance the educational experience by providing supplies, teacher training, meaningful encouragement, and training. 

Together we are working to build and improve schools in the villages we support in Guatemala. We are also providing education through the health clinics that teach about basic hygiene, hand washing, safe-water practices, and reproductive health.  Some topics are taught in small settings, one on one, and others in larger formal classes to orphanage leaders, women and children. Orphanage leaders in Haiti are trained on various current issues like the mosquito-transmitted zika virus as well as how to psychologically support children living in orphanages.

Through sanitation health is restored. Chronic illnesses and shortened life spans are often a result of poor sanitary practices and dirty water. Not only do we work to provide clean water, we go beyond by partnering with local communities to create and maintain a sanitary environment through education and training. Our goal is to help improve the living conditions and teach basic hygiene to the families in Haiti and Guatemala.

During a mission trip, it was discovered that there were several respiratory issues with the children in Guatemala, because the only form of cooking was over a camp-fire. The children would breathe the smoke every day and were developing respiratory complications. Through the generosity of one of our partner churches we provided stoves with ventilation for these families. After visiting again, the clinical team found that all the respiratory issues were resolved! What could have been a chronic, lifelong problem for these children had been easily resolved through a creative, practical solution.

Here are some highlights of health solutions that have been provided over the past 6 years:

  • Improved access to healthcare for more than 500 Guatemalan women.
  • 4,000 mosquito nets provided to orphans and rural farming families in Haiti.
  • Regular medical clinics and checkups for over 1,500 Haitian orphans.
  • Nearly 2000 personal care and hygiene kits provided to girls in Haiti and Guatemala.
  • Construction of new restrooms and latrines for proper human waste disposal in Haiti and Guatemala. 

Through transformation hope rises. The external factors of nutrition and sanitation combined with the internal factor of education lays the foundation for growth and transformation of life. Our mission is not to impact just part of a person, but to transform the whole person through a personal relationship with Jesus.  

As people begin to see themselves, their world, and their future with new eyes, dreams begin to take shape in their hearts. Those in despair begin to live with expectation. Those who have been gripped by fatalism find the strength to break free.

We believe the transformation of a generation can change a nation.

Through the ministry of our churches and our Elevate Curriculum, we commit to seeing children of the orphanages transformed into a generation of Christ-following, nation-changing leaders! Elevate is a biblical, multi-sensory, creative, leadership development curriculum that is leading orphans and their families into a personal relationship with Jesus. We are excited to say our partner churches have even held community baptisms to celebrate what God is doing. Together, we are making a difference and we are leading people to Jesus!  

Together, through the NEST initiative,  we have a holistic plan for the transformation of life through Jesus. To execute this plan, we are committed to staying involved for the long run.

Get involved


Right now C3 Global has villages in Guatemala and orphanages in Haiti where you can make a difference.  When you adopt, you are committing to provide funding to create a NEST for your orphanage or village year round. Many who adopt go above and beyond by taking annual mission trips, raising funds for specific projects and taking on large scale projects.   If you are ready, we can walk you through the details.    

Interested in a Trip? Or Adoption?  Contact us HERE!

Disaster Relief

Hurricanes, tornados and flooding can leave a devastating path of destruction. As the Local Church, this presents a an opportunities for us to rally behind the families in the affected communities. From providing basic supplies and food staples to gift cards and rapid response teams. We partner with C3 Global churches in these communities to show the love of Jesus and help families back to their feet.  Here is how our collaboration of churches came together to support the communities of Moore, Ok after they experienced the devastating power of an F5 tornado in 2013.