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Reaching People with Social Media


Tested at C3Global Roundtable in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Proven at Fellowship Church, and Available to you!

At C3Global we enthusiastically embrace Creative Collaboration. We believe we can do more together than we can do alone. The following is yet another example of how this happens at C3Global.

Roundtable in San Juan, Puerto Rico

While discussing "How to Increase Your Reach", the use of social media became a topic of discussion. During our discussion a participant in the round table put a post out to all her connections on a social media account. The text was a question asking people to put their trust in Jesus. Over the course of the next few hours 4 people responded positively. We believed a way to extend an evangelistic invitation with immediate response was uncovered.

Fellowship Church Uses the Approach

Recognizing a large number of unsaved people would be in the multiple services at all campus locations, Ed Young used a "text invitation" during the recent Easter services at Fellowship Church. After delivering a compelling and creative message about Jesus, Ed extended the invitation to respond by trusting Jesus for salvation. He then invited everyone who had accepted Christ to text their name to a designated number used by the church for mobile marketing purposes. THE RESPONSE WAS AMAZING! Over 1200 people texted their responses giving their names and cell numbers. Each of them received an immediate congratulation on their decision with assurance someone would contact them very soon.  Follow up phone calls were made in the days that followed.

You can use this method! There are several ways to use social media to reach people in this way.  Twitter and facebook are free and readily available to all. There are also several companies you can use for Mobile Marketing services.  Fellowship Church currently uses HipCricket but there are several available. 

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