Posted March 24, 2020

This incredible webchat, packed full of inspiring ideas and practical wisdom has encouraged and re-fueled all of us. If you missed it, click above to view the recording.  Thank you to ALL pastors who participated, we are better together! As discussed, several resources are linked below as well as FREE assets from our amazing Sponsors.


Mountain Movers Church

Church Unlimited

Church Unleashed


CDF Capital


Samaritans Purse

Making the Most of Your Christmas Reach

Posted November 04, 2019

Our October Webchat, “Making the Most of Your Christmas Reach,” was packed full of tried-and-true experiences and incredible discussion! Thank you again to our co-hosts, Pastors Bil Cornelius and Tim Seidler for joining us and sharing some really creative handles that we can put in place RIGHT NOW! If you missed the webchat, you can watch it here!

Casting Vision for Year-End Giving

Posted September 26, 2019

Did you join us for our recent webchat with Joe Sangl from INJOY Stewardship Solutions? Then you know the wealth of wisdom that was shared! We’ve received great feedback from this webchat and we’ve shared it below in hopes that it will help YOUR ministry as well. Watch or listen to find out how you can develop a customized, vision-driven year end giving or capital campaign!

Thank you Joe and INJOY for this free guide: SIX STEPS TO PLAN A YEAR-END OFFERING

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