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Memorial Day | Your Letter Home



Memorial Day weekend is a time to honor the thousands of men and women who paid the ultimate price for our freedom.

 We also want to make sure the families of the fallen know that their sacrifice will never be forgotten.

To commemorate this weekend, Fellowship Creative has written a powerful song, “Your Letter Home." This song was inspired by the first Navy SEAL killed in Iraq, Marc Lee, and his last letter home. The letter, written to his mother Debbie Lee, became the inspiration for America’s Mighty Warriors, a nonprofit she created to support our troops and families of the fallen.


America's Mighty Warriors is a non-profit organization that supports our troops and also the families of those who have lost their lives in service. They work to resource these families with programs that help improve the quality of life, healthy recovery and connecting them with a community who is there for them. Each year we partner with Americas Mighty Warriors to host a retreat for Gold Star Families at Allaso Ranch. Be sure to check out this amazing organization here and information about the Gold Star Retreat here.


Please partner with us as we support America's Mighty Warriors and pay honor to the fallen and their families. The Fellowship Creative song " Your Letter Home" is now available on iTunes. If your church is interested in performing this, we have made the lyrics, charts, and instrumental tracks available to use for FREE. You can find all extra resources here.  We would also love for your church and community to partner with us in supporting America's Mighty Warriors by purchasing this song on iTunes this weekend. All proceeds will go directly to this organization and the amazing work it is doing in the lives of soldier's and their families. 

Global Impact


Lonnie and Ruth Snell of New Life Chapel talk about how C3 Global and C3 Conference give them both a relational network of Sr Pastors and a global impact in Guatemala.Lonnie and Ruth Snell said of C3, "We are a part of something bigger than us. C3 Global has given us a global opportunity to go to Los Chilitos, a village in Guatemala, and provide meals to 300 children each day, build a school, and see lives transformed!" 

or more information about C3 Global, please visit myC3Global.com

For more information about C3 Conference, please visit C3Conference.com

Keep Your Focus


Anthony Fleming of Church Alive talks about how C3 has impacted not only him as a church leader but also the Church Alive team as a whole. Anthony said of C3, "As a church leader, I need to think about those who are not yet here. C3 is about those who are not in the chairs yet."

For more information about C3 Global, please visit myC3Global.com

For more information about C3 Conference, please visit C3Conference.com

C3 Global Top 5 for C3 Conference!


We want to take care of our Global Family for Conference and make sure they get the most out of C3 Conference. Here is how:

1. Arrive and get seated early! Competition for seats is fierce; don't get stuck in the back row!!

2. Share your excitement using social media! Post quotes, excitement about coming, things you learned and people you met! Make sure to use the hashtag #C3Conf. Follow others that are posting and make some great connections!

3. Senior Pastors…go to the Global Lounge! This area is designed specifically for you to connect with other Senior Pastors and their families. Some of the greatest conversations happen between sessions! To get into the lounge, you must be part of C3 Global. Not part of C3 Global yet? No problem - you can join today! Click here to join!

4. Attend app sessions. No matter what area of your church you’re looking to grow, there's an app for that! Our app sessions are designed to stir your thoughts and give you handles to take every area of your church to the next level.

5. Get your PK to join us for the PK app sessions at C3!  This will give your students the opportunity to meet, connect and hang out with other PKs.

Greg Won!!


Dear C3 Global Family –

As you may have heard, our dear friend Pastor Greg Rohlinger went home to be with the Lord on December 6, 2015 after battling for his health for years. While this is a difficult time for so many who knew him, I can truly say that Greg made this world a better place because of his impact and influence in it.

Throughout this time, Greg’s wife Lori and their four children have remained faithful to God’s purpose and plan, and have continued to rely on Him in spite of the difficulty they are facing. As a C3 Global family, we want to come alongside them now and bless them during this difficult time.

What we are asking is that you would consider making a financial contribution to the Rohlinger family to help ease the tension of so many expenses they are undoubtedly dealing with.

Please click here to contribute: https://fellowship.brushfireapp.com/c3-global/431655

While we can never remove the pain of losing a husband, father, and friend, we can walk alongside them and show them – in a very tangible way – that they are not alone. And together, we can ensure that Greg’s life and legacy continue to live on through this beautiful family.

In Christ,

p.s. Also, we would like to provide you with this video of Greg speaking at Church by the Glades in 2013. This is a powerful reminder of the joy and commitment that Greg exemplified every day of his life. Feel free to download it, play it on a weekend, and share with your friends as we honor the memory and legacy of Greg!

Please click here to view or download it: https://vimeo.com/cbgvideo/review/148512476/6f3caa3986