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Posted February 12, 2020

C3 Conference Course

ADMIN 5303
Directed Study (Master’s Course) 

MIN 2313
Focused Study (Bachelor’s Course)

3 credit hours 

Michael S. Wilder, Ph.D. Dean, Professor of Educational Ministries

COURSE OVERVIEW: This course is an elective course in connection with the C3 Conference which will meet at Fellowship Church on February 19-20, 2020. Students will attend all sessions of the conference, including your choice of a breakout session during each breakout session.

Course Related Questions: Contact Cody Barron at 817-923-1921 ext. 2140 / [email protected] Course Dates: February 19-20, 2020 (In connection with the C3 Conference)

To Register: Registration for Conference is required. Please use access code Student2020 to register and specify "Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary Course Credit" as your school in registration.

Course Syllabus

Making the Most of Your Christmas Reach

Posted November 04, 2019

Our October Webchat, “Making the Most of Your Christmas Reach,” was packed full of tried-and-true experiences and incredible discussion! Thank you again to our co-hosts, Pastors Bil Cornelius and Tim Seidler for joining us and sharing some really creative handles that we can put in place RIGHT NOW! If you missed the webchat, you can watch it here!

Put PK Vacay Under The Christmas Tree!

Posted October 21, 2019

By registering your student(s) now for PK Vacay 2020, not only will you receive a long sleeve "PK Life" shirt to put under the Christmas tree, you will have the chance to win your student's tuition paid in full!

Offer valid only for NEW registrations with PAID DEPOSITS between now and December 31st. Winner will be announced in January 2020.

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Our team will reach out to confirm t-shirt size(s). Questions? Call (972) 471-6758.

Casting Vision for Year-End Giving

Posted September 26, 2019

Did you join us for our recent webchat with Joe Sangl from INJOY Stewardship Solutions? Then you know the wealth of wisdom that was shared! We’ve received great feedback from this webchat and we’ve shared it below in hopes that it will help YOUR ministry as well. Watch or listen to find out how you can develop a customized, vision-driven year end giving or capital campaign!

Thank you Joe and INJOY for this free guide: SIX STEPS TO PLAN A YEAR-END OFFERING

How to Bring Your Team to C3 Conference on a Budget

Posted January 10, 2019

How to Bring Your Team to C3 Conference on a Budget

The thought of group travel can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! We’ve heard so many pastors tell us that bringing their team has made all the difference. Why? It’s far more effective for your team to experience C3 Conference and discuss what they’re learning, than one person experiencing it and explaining it to the team. It’s worth the investment to bring your team. Below are some tried and true ways, to bring your group to C3 and not break the bank!

  1. Write out a list of key leaders you would love to take to C3 Conference from your church. These can be staff members, volunteer leaders and even influencers who are on the fringe and not yet involved or serving.
  2. Determine what you would like to organize as a church, and what you would like for individuals to organize themselves. (For instance, individuals can organize and cover their airfare and transportation to and from the airport as well as their meals. As a church, perhaps you arrange the hotel rooms and transportation to and from the conference.)
  3. Set up deadlines that you will need confirmations to book hotel rooms and rental cars without a price increase.
  4. Research hotels and find out the best group rates for your team. lists some area hotels and promo codes for cheaper rates.
  5. Research rental cars or vans for the best deal based on the estimate of attendees you believe you’ll have.
  6. Acquire the numbers for these items and formulate price breakpoints based on the number of people able to stay in one room.

    Based on a group of 30.

    After looking at, we found that the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine had a great deal of $119/per night. With the team arriving Tuesday and departing Friday, that put the total cost of each room at $402 (including taxes/fees).

    We then found two 15 passenger vans for $427.06/van (including taxes and fees).

    Finally, we calculated the cost of what it would take to cover these expenses and gave a few different rates for people to choose from based on what type of room they would like.

    Transportation Calculation:

    2 Rental Vans (30 People) = $854.12
    Divide $854.12 by 30 people = $28.47/per person for rental car

    Lodging Calculation:
    Breakdown the hotel room cost by how many occupants

    4 Person Room - $100.50 /per person for hotel room
    3 Person Room - $134.00 /per person for hotel room
    2 Person Room - $201.00 /per person for hotel room
    1 Person Room - $402.00 /per person for hotel room

    Conference Registration:
    Current Rates:

    $229 per person for Non C3 Global Churches ($20 per person after the first 20 people)
    $100 per person for C3 Global Churches ($15 per person after the first 15 people)

    *Registering early is always a great idea to get the best rate!

    Then, simply combine these numbers to create the total cost with the breakdown of if the individual stayed with others or were in their own room. (For this example, we will use the $229.00 conference rate).

    4 Person Rate – $357.97 (plus food and airfare)
    3 Person Rate – $391.47 (plus food and airfare)
    2 Person Rate – $458.47 (plus food and airfare)
    1 Person Rate – $659.47 (plus food and airfare)

    IMPORTANT- You may want to add some extra buffer to these amounts given that there’s a price increase, hidden expense you weren’t prepared for, or if the number of people coming does not actually fill up every seat of the rental car.

    4 Person Rate – $365.00 (plus food and airfare)
    3 Person Rate – $400.00 (plus food and airfare)
    2 Person Rate – $470.00 (plus food and airfare)
    1 Person Rate – $670.00 (plus food and airfare

  7. Prepare a document that explains the rates and what is expected by the individual to attend the conference.
  8. It may prove beneficial to show the C3 Conference promo video during a time where people might already be at the church for other events (Example- Following weekend services or Wednesday night during/after children and student activities). Any interested can be given trip details.

Attend C3 Conference with your team and watch your team and ultimately your church be even more passionate about reaching your community, nation and the world for Jesus!

Register Now!!

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