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C3 Global Girls is a ministry of C3 Global. C3Ggirls exists to encourage, appreciate and connect Pastors’ wives & daughters and women on staff in full time ministry. Join the conversation today by following us on twitter and facebook. We can’t wait to meet you!

C3 Global Girls Trip to Haiti 

June 1-5, 2014

We invite you to join Lisa Young and the C3 Global Girls as we head to Port au Prince, Haiti this June!  We will meet in Miami and then travel to Haiti to spend time in the orphanages adopted by some of our C3 Global churches. This amazing trip is open to Senior Pastors' wives. You are also invited to bring your daughter to experience this time with you. 

Debbie Lee
Founder of America's
Mighty Warriors
We are honored to welcome Debbie Lee as a special guest on the C3 Global Girls Trip! Since her son, Marc A. Lee was the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq (August 2, 2006), Debbie has been a leading spokeswoman for the support of U.S. troops fighting in the war on terrorism, for their families and families of the fallen.

She founded a non-profit, America’s Mighty Warriors in response to Marc’s life and a challenge to “pass on the love and kindness, the precious gift of human life.” Debbie intends to continue the fight to support and honor the troops by expanding the reach of America’s Mighty Warriors.



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Sweet 16 Reasons Why I love C3 Global Girls

Senior Pastor Wives Haiti Trip

Lisa Young from Fellowship Church is hosting our annual trip to Haiti for Senior Pastor Wives and Daughters. We will meet in Miami, Florida and then head to Port au Prince, Haiti.  While in Haiti we will see the amazing life change taking place as we visit orphanages that have been adopted by C3 Global churches.  The trip will wrap up back in Miami with a special time together of connecting and encouraging one another. For information about C3 Global Girls or this trip please contact us.

​Don't miss our next gathering at Flavour Conference 2012

Light. It radiates hope, brings warmth and illuminates the darkness. But light isn’t just something outside of us, it is something God has placed in us. Now it’s time for us to come together and shine our light. Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of this life-changing gathering of women who are committed to making a difference in their church and the world!                                     


Join us for this year's Flavour Conference on Thursday, May 3 - Friday, May 4 at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX.

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C3 Global Girls Dinner

Global Girls! Are you ready for a little more P.I.E. (People I Enjoy) time? We are! Don't miss our dinner just before Flavour Conference on May 3 at 5pm. Registration is now open and is only $15. We can't wait to see you.

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P.I.E. Time at C3 Conference 2012​

Everyone had a great time at  the launch of C3 Global Girls during C3 2012.  Led by Lisa Young, women were able to connect and engage with new friends from around the world!

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