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Get into the Rhythm


Get in the Rhythm!

Every season of ministry brings new opportunities to reach people you haven’t reached. How can you use what you experienced at Christmas as a springboard into the new season of reach? How do you build on the momentum of this time of year?

Take advantage of your growth potential and discover how to get in the rhythm of the seasons ahead during this January webinar!

Gather your team and join C3 Global’s Dr. Claude Thomas along with special guests for this inspiration and transformational webinar! Equip your team to reach the next level with this special preview of the C3 Conference!

Church Planters: Implementing Anything, Everything, or Nothing


Planting a church is an incredible calling! And we want to equip you to successfully build the Local Church in your community. Grab your lunch and join us live from the Church Planters Event at Fellowship Church as special guests Bil Cornelius, Clark Mitchell and Cole Phillips address those aspects most critical to growing your church from the ground up!