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April Webinar

Avoiding the Chaos of Consumerism: Getting Them in the Door and Getting Them Involved


How do you make a connection with the culture around you and get them into your church? Then, what are the right processes to take people to the next level of involvement? During this webinar, we’ll answer these questions and more as we discuss the importance of connecting with a culture and the crucial next steps to keep your church from becoming chaotic.

 Join the discussion this Thursday at 12:00pm CDT with Pastor Brad White of LifePoint Church, Pastor Clark Mitchell of JourneyChurch.tv and Dr. Claude Thomas as we learn to connect our communities to Christ. 

January Webinar


Get in the Rhythm!

Every season of ministry brings new opportunities to reach people you haven’t reached. How can you use what you experienced at Christmas as a springboard into the new season of reach? How do you build on the momentum of this time of year?

Take advantage of your growth potential and discover how to get in the rhythm of the seasons ahead during this January webinar!

Gather your team and join C3 Global’s Dr. Claude Thomas along with special guests for this inspiration and transformational webinar! Equip your team to reach the next level with this special preview of the C3 Conference!

November Webinar

First Impressions: Excellence Because It Matters


A life connected is a life changed! Are you providing excellence in every area so that people feel valued and welcomed? Are you creating an environment that will set the stage for the life change God has in store?

 Join Dr. Claude Thomas of C3 Global, along with Tianne Moon, Fellowship Church’s Director of Spiritual Development and Assimilation; Jody Franke, North Ft. Worth Campus Pastor of Keystone Church; and Lonnie Snell, Senior Pastor of New Life Chapel as they discuss excellence in environment and creating an experience each weekend that goes beyond your guests’ expectations.

October Webinar

Church Planting and Fundamentals that Apply to All of Us


Be part of our incredible Church Planters event during the C3 Global October webinar. We all have barriers we want to breakthrough, but how do you get to the next level? We’ll answer this question and more as we discuss fundamentals that we can all learn from.

Join us for a free webinar as we talk with several guest contributors who are top church planters in the game and those who have built successful churches.

August Webinar

Follow-up To The Follow-up


"Delegation without investigation is an abomination." - Ed Young

Follow-up! A key to moving your church forward. What is it? Why is it a key? How do you do it? Gather your staff and join Dr. Claude Thomas and Pace Hartfield as we uncover the answers to these questions.