Web Chat Meeting Instructions

For the best experience possible, download www.FUZE.com and log on a computer with a LAN line and a webcam. To login, you will need the provided meeting ID. If you have any questions please call us at  866-646-2703.

Using a computer - 2 options

     Download application on www.fuze.com

  1.  Click Join Meeting next to the red arrow on the application.
  2.  Enter the Meeting ID.
  3.  Choose your audio and web cam preference.

  Using a browser: We recommend Chrome

  1.  Go to www.fuze.com
  2.  Click Join Meeting at top right corner.
  3.  Enter the Meeting ID.
  4. Choose your audio preferences (This option does not allow web cam).

Using phone or iPad - 2 options

Dial into the web chat via audio toll: +1 201-479-4595

  1. Enter Meeting ID and press #.
  2. You will have access to audio via phone call.

  Download application for the iPhone iPad or from the Google Play Store

  1. Click join meeting next to red arrow.
  2. Enter name and Meeting ID.
  3. Choose camera and audio preferences and click join meeting.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, please call Fuze directly at 1-800-844-4118.