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Texas Flood Relief



Central Texas experienced an unprecedented disaster on May 23rd-24th when storms brought over a foot of rain in just one weekend, causing the Blanco River to rise to nearly 30 feet higher than the flood stage. The river quickly rose to more than 41 feet deep, even greater than the 1929 flood when the water rose to 32 feet.

Approximately 1000 families in Hays County have been displaced from their homes and most are left with nothing. Fortunately, the church is at work to bring help to these homeless families. Through the help of our partners, The Connection Church with Cole Philips and Revolution Church with Zak White, C3 Global is working to sponsor these families and bringing much needed support to help them rebuild their lives long after the floodwaters have receded.

Each family is left with great financial, physical, and spiritual needs that we’ll be able to assist with through your generous gifts. While food and clothes are important to the recovery, we are going above and beyond to help families that had everything wiped out.  The flood was so devastating and unexpected that many do not even have insurance to cover the damage to homes and cars. 

$500 Sponsors a family.  These donations will be used through The Connection Church to go over and above their basic needs to help get these families back on their feet.  

Global Family, lets come together as the church and support these families in their time of need! 

Sponsor a family here

The Story of City Church


Pastor Chris and Yanci McGregor began serving as staff members at Fellowship Church in Grapevine, TX after earning Master’s Degrees from Dallas Theological Seminary. A few years afterward, God gave them a passion and called them to reach the city of Montreal. Pastor Chris and Yanci’s goal is to reach Montreal one life at a time. City Church has partnered with C3 Global, and we have been creatively collaborating to grow their church and impact the community of Montreal. We are excited to see what is happening in Montreal and cannot wait to see what the future holds for them! Check out this video to see all that God is doing through City Church!

Celebrating 25 Years with Fellowship Church


25 years ago God placed the call on Pastor Ed Young’s life to launch a church that was focused on reaching people who are far away from God. That call inspired Pastor Ed to change the way church is done, to try things that had never been attempted, and to go places that had not been reached. After two and a half decades, what began as a simple and focused vision from God has become a monumental movement of God that took the impact of the local church further than anyone ever anticipated! We cannot wait to see what happens in the next 25 years as we work to continue building the church together!

C3 Global Top 10 for C3 Conference!


We want to take care of our Global Family for Conference and make sure they get the most out of C3 Conference. Here is how:

1. Arrive and get seated early! Competition for seats is fierce; don't get stuck in the back row!!

2. Share your excitement using social media! Post quotes, excitement about coming, things you learned and people you met! Make sure to use the hashtag #C3Conf. Click here for what to share! Follow others that are posting and make some great connections!

3. Senior Pastors…go to the Global Lounge! This area is designed specifically for you to connect with other Senior Pastors and their families. Some of the greatest conversations happen between sessions! To get into the lounge, you must be part of C3 Global. Not part of C3 Global yet? No problem - you can join today! Click here to join!

4. Attend app sessions. No matter what area of your church you’re looking to grow, there's an app for that! Our app sessions are designed to stir your thoughts and give you handles to take every area of your church to the next level.

5. Get to the landing! What is the landing? The landing is where our app session speakers will be at designated times to meet, connect and collaborate in your area of ministry.  The landing will be located in our upstairs west atrium.

6. Make the most of your meal times! Use these times to network or spend strategic time with your team.  There are plenty of great restaurants nearby!

7. Join us for the Senior Pastor lunch on Wednesday at 11:30 in the APEX! This will be a time to connect, talk about what’s going on in your church, and meet with other Senior Pastors!

8. Get your PK to join us for the PK Lunch and Breakout on Wednesday at 11:30!  This will give your students the opportunity to meet, connect and hang out with other PKs.

9. Make every session! You can sleep when you get home. These 48 hours could change your ministry forever, so don't miss a thing.

10. Be sure to join us for the C3 Global Dinner on Tuesday Evening at Fellowship Church. RSVP HERE

PK’s Come FREE to C3 Conference!


Calling all Senior Pastors' kids (PKs) grades 6-12th! Come to C3 Conference FREE. We will have a lunch and hang out session just for you!

Register at www.c3conference.com and enter this promo code at checkout: PK2015