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An Auction for America’s Mighty Warriors



We just wrapped up our Gold Star Family retreat with America’s Mighty Warriors in August! Every year it’s an honor to host these families, serve them and let them know that their sacrifice will never be forgotten!

One of the supporters of the retreat is The Heritage Flag Company.  They are making a one of a kind donation: the Double Barrel Heritage Flag. They are holding an auction with all of the proceeds going to Debbie Lee and America’s Mighty Warriors.

If you are interested in bidding for this flag, send your bid to theheritageflag@gmail.com. Be sure to like Heritage Flag Company on Facebook to keep up with who the highest bidder is of the day. This auction ends 9/9/2015 at 11:25pm.

Spread the word, make a bid and support all we are doing together for our military and their families!  

Partnering with Debbie Lee


Fellowship Church with Ed Young and Revolution Church with Zak White had the honor to have Debbie Lee come and speak truth about our freedom as a nation. Debbie Lee is a Gold Star mother of a fallen Navy SEAL, and she understands the cost of freedom on a level that we will never comprehend. Yet, she helps us see how the freedom we have today can lead us to where God wants to take us tomorrow. We encourage you to watch her two messages above as she shares her story and the story of her son, fallen Navy SEAL Marc Lee. 

C3 Global is honored to partner with Debbie Lee and America's Mighty Warriors to host a very special retreat to serve Navy SEAL Gold Star Families. At our Gold Star Family Retreat, it is our goal to let these families know that their sacrifice will never be forgotten. 

We would like to make a few opportunities available to you as we support these Gold Star Families and Debbie Lee. 

Invite Debbie Lee to speak at your church. Debbie’s message is one that will undoubtedly resonate. Invite Debbie to share with your church, and experience a testimony unmatched by any others. You can contact her here.

Support the Gold Star Family Retreat. Each August, Americans Mighty Warriors and C3 Global partner together to host a Navy SEAL Gold Star Family retreat at Allaso Ranch. If you would like to learn more about this retreat or find out how you can help serve these families, please click here.

Together, let us do all that we can to spread the message and to support these families!

The Intentional Marriage


Not a year goes by when you are not focusing on preparing for one or more teaching series on marriage.  While the preparation may make you think about your own marriage, do you really follow through with what you learn?   I still remember one of Pastor Ed’s first talks on marriage under a tent outside the High School where Fellowship Church first began.  I still remember his three point outline after over 20 years.  Here it goes:

Point number one:  Marriage takes work.
Point number two:  Marriage takes work.
Point number three: Marriage takes work.

There you go;  a pretty simple outline for your next sermon on marriage.  So what’s the real point?  INTENTIONALITY.

1.      BE INTENTIONAL about keeping close.  Making sure you have at least a couple significant conversations each day.   This may mean telling a meaningful story or two about your day, not just going over the schedule and telling your spouse what you did.  Tell her how what you did impacted you.

2.     BE INTENTIONAL on working to resolve the emotional “pinches” that cause us just a little pain.  We often think it’s no big deal, so we ignore the pain and move on through the day without revisiting the conversation.  That doesn’t mean we address every single issue.  That’s like therapy all day and who wants that?  Maybe me, but that’s another blog point!

3.     BE INTENTIONAL about keeping your dreams at the forefront of your weekly conversations.  Without a vision, people perish; without dreams, marriages wither and die as well.   Talk about your future together, whether it’s about  next week, next year or next decade.  Remind each other that you two are a team, not just in ministry but in life.

4.     BE INTENTIONAL about modeling fresh vulnerability to others.  Pastors Ed and Lisa have consistently modeled their marriage and family as being riddled with humanity.   We all know the truth of that but it’s always easier to say than to do. When I hear of the struggles of others, especially my leaders, it makes me feel really good about being real in my own marriage.

5.     BE INTENTIONAL about being positive with each other.  Oftentimes the ones we love the most are the ones we let down our guard with.  Kindness, consideration, and respect are never out of style.  Keep up with encouraging each other.  When was the last time you asked your spouse, “how could I pray for you today?”


Dr. Cude is an active member of Fellowship Church in Grapevine, Texas. He and his wife, Ann are active in the Marriage Ministry having led the newlywed seminar since 1990. As a family, they enjoy baseball, golf, ping pong, and hanging out together. 

Dr. Jonathan Cude
Las Colinas Counseling Center, P.A.

Ph.D. in Marriage and Family Therapy from TWU (1991)
M.A. in Marriage and Family Therapy from Southwestern Seminary (1984)
B.A. in Psychology from Baylor University (1980)
Internship at Southwest Family Institute (Dallas)
Professional licenses held in Texas as both a Licensed Professional Counselor and as a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist
Family: Married for nearly 25 years to Ann. Two boys: Chris and Jon Michael

1991 to Current: Private Practice
1989 to 1991: Cedars Hospital in DeSoto, Texas, Clinical Director of Christian Program
1988-1989: DFW Medical Center CareUnit, Family Therapist on Chemical Dependancy Unit
1981-1988: Minister of Youth, FBC, Irving

For more resources please see below:
-Creative Marriage  By Ed and Lisa Young
-What's Love Got to Do With It?  Series by Ed Young
-Marriage in Ministry & Woman in Ministry  Webinars with Ed & Lisa Young and Julie Richard of Lake Hills Church

Impacting the World through N.E.S.T.



In just two years, New Life Chapel (NLC) has seen remarkable changes in Los Chilitos! Through God’s guidance and the leadership of Pastors Lonnie & Ruth Snell, and in partnership with C3 Global, great things are happening! In 2013NLC adopted the village of Los Chilitos – a community located in the arid region of Cuilapa, Santa Rosa, Guatemala. This village has 160 households in the community with a total population of 893 individuals. The evidence of physical and spiritual poverty was overwhelming. Adequate food and nutrition was limited, education was substandard, sanitation was virtually non-existent, and a lack of spiritual transformation was blatant.

When the team from NLC arrived in Los Chilitos, the people in the village were skeptical. They had never encountered people like those from NLC and had never heard the English language. But smiles, soccer balls, and good old fashion manual labor quickly broke down the cultural walls.

Using the NEST approach established by C3 Global, NLC has established the format for engagement and improvement by building relationships in Los Chilitos.

Nutrition: NLC provides meals for every child who attends school every day. Because the children receive a nutritious meal, enrollment and attendance in school have skyrocketed! In just the first quarter of 2015 alone, NLC provided 31,500 meals every day to over 300 children.

Education: Because of the increase in attendance, the children of Los Chilitos have completely outgrown their school! NLC committed to build a new, larger school. The team will complete construction in July 2015 when they return to the village. NLC also provides education through the health clinics. Basic hygiene, hand washing, safe-water practices, and reproductive health (abstinence) are topics that are taught in small settings, one on one, and in larger formal classes.

Sanitation: When NLC went to Los Chilitos in 2013, the clinical team was shocked to find so many respiratory issues. Because the only form of cooking in the home was an open camp-fire, the children breath smoke from the  time of birth. That same year, NLC provided the resources for stoves with ventilation to be built in half of the homes. When asked about their stoves, the women told NLC that they “just love them!” They like to show them to their friends; they’re so glad that the smoke is going outside and that their children aren’t breathing it in all day. In 2014 when the clinical team returned, nearly all of the respiratory issues were resolved. Instead of seeing multiple children with profound breathing problems, there were only a few!

Transformation: Addressing the nutritional, educational, and sanitation are means to the ultimate goal of NLC: transformation. Yes, it is the desire of NLC to help break the cycle of poverty. Yes, it’s good to help provide a means to safe, clean lives. But ultimately, the purpose for the church is to “go and make disciples”. In 2014, NLC was introduced to Mitch & Amanda Muñoz – two missionaries from the U.S. sent through Mobilizing Students. Mitch and Amanda are boldly entering into the villages and sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ. While NLC was in Los Chilitos in 2014, four women and several children stepped over the line of faith into new life with Jesus Christ. Since that time, Mitch has started a men’s soccer league and used that as a platform for preaching the gospel. Four men from Los Chilitos have now accepted Christ! In May 2015, the first small group was launched in the village.  Five women and four men who have recently accepted Christ gathered to learn about their faith and grow in their faith. We are thrilled to hear about the growing number of people whose lives are being transformed by the power and message of Jesus Christ!

“What C3 Means to Us” - Sanders Interview


 Brian & Danielle Sanders, Senior Pastors of Elevate Church, gave an interview about the positive impact that C3 Global and C3 Conference have had upon their ministry and family. Brian said of the conference, “We love coming to C3. It’s life-changing, it’s invigorating, and it always challenges us to go back and reach people who need Jesus.” Not only do they describe C3 Conference as a “refresh,” but they also emphasized community of support that C3 Global provides year-round. “[The chaos of ministry] is a lot easier to get through when you have a team of people who …they just get it.” 

For more information about C3 Global, please visit www.myc3global.com/about.
For more information about C3 Conference, please visit www.c3conference.com